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Conversation Confidence

Conversation Confidence

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Chocolate Quiz Tests Knowledge Of America's Favorite Flavor 
(Vienna, VA) -- Delicious chocolate, sweet and satisfying. It's America's favorite flavor when it comes to desserts and sweet snacks, according to a survey conducted by the Chocolate Manufacturers Association. Best of all, research conducted on many facets of this favorite food suggests one can enjoy it guilt-free as part of an active lifestyle. 
"Chocolate can fit into any healthy lifestyle," explains Larry Graham, president of the Chocolate Manufacturers Association. "Myths that may have made some people feel guilty about consuming chocolate are being erased rapidly as scientists continue to study this complex and wonderful food." 
Take this chocolate quiz to see where you stand on your chocolate knowledge: 
True or False: A one-ounce serving of chocolate contains about the same amount of caffeine found in one cup of decaffeinated coffee. 
True. (Contrary to what some people believe, chocolate is not considered "high" in caffeine)
Which food is more likely to cause tooth decay? 
A) A slice of wheat bread B) Potato chips C) A chocolate bar 
D) A sugar cookie E) All are about the same. 
(E. None is more likely than the other to cause tooth decay. Any food containing fermentable carbohydrates such as starch or sugar can contribute to tooth decay. How often we eat these foods and how long they stay in contact with the teeth determines the likelihood of their causing cavities. Research shows that the naturally occurring cocoa butter in chocolate actually helps chocolate clear the teeth more rapidly than many other foods.) 

True or False: Chocolate is a major cause of migraine headaches. 
False. (Studies conducted at the University of Pennsylvania tested 63 women who had chronic headaches and found chocolate was not a significant cause of migraines. Hormones appear to play a significant role.) 

True or False: Cocoa butter, the primary fat in chocolate, does not raise blood cholesterol levels. 
True. (In a number of research studies, neither cocoa butter nor chocolate raised blood cholesterol levels.) 

True or False: Some types of cocoa powder and chocolate are rich sources of antioxidant compounds which may be beneficial to the heart and arteries. 
True. Certain naturally-occurring substances called flavonoids may have some positive health benefits for our heart and arteries, according to several ongoing scientific studies. 

A typical 1.5 ounce chocolate bar contains _____ percent of the Daily Value for riboflavin? A) 3 B) 5 C) 15 D) 8 
C) 15 percent 

Most American consumers prefer: A) Dark chocolate B) Milk chocolate 
(Milk chocolate, according to surveys conducted by the Chocolate Manufacturers Association) 

Consumers in which country consume the most chocolate? 
A) Denmark B) United States C) India D) Switzerland 
D) (Consumers in Switzerland consumed 22.4 pounds per person in 2000, according to the latest statistics available)

How well did you do? For a free brochure on the facts about chocolate and confectionery, contact "Sweet Truth," Chocolate Manufacturers Association, 8320 Old Courthouse Road, Suite 300, Vienna, VA 22182, or make your request via e-mail at 

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